How weird sometimes our life can change. One day you have so many people around you and the next day you’ll find your self alone… the definition of friendship is really confusing to me. How can a person stay next to you during your whole life and one day one mistake can change it all..

The story began when i met a boy, friend of my cousin, I was extremely excited about him; my friends were happy for me. The first year was so good, little problems but a lots of fun. the next year everything has changed and problems became more bigger with huge fights and sad times. he was extremely jealous of my life, my education and my friends. He couldn’t stand the idea of having so many friends that actually care about me. he asked me to stay away from them or I will lose him; and me of course i said okay and i did. One day we decided to break up and  i accepted this decision because it was the best for us. one week later my girl friend called to tell me about a trip and she told me that he was also invited. That day was the end of my past and the beginning of my present,                              To be continued….


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